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White paper: Why do we need Counterflo?

We make simple products. The technology takes care of the difficult parts in order for us humans to have a simpler life. If a three-year-old understands the product, it is simple, if not it's not.

Simple products do not need a manual and don't have a subscription or other binding agreement. A good test is that if you could give it to someone outside the family as a gift, it's simple.

Our products shall communicate with our inner soul, to our feeling. This is very demanding for the designers but give a large reward of simplicity to the user.

One of Counterflos' products, The Pac, is such a thing. But there is another, more important demand for Counterflos' designs - they have to make a difference.

An example:

If every household in Sweden would use The Pac, we would save 2,8 TWh. That is 2 800 million kWh. As a comparison, a large coal power plant produces 2 TWh yearly, and an average nuclear reactor produces 6 TWh.

To make 2 TWh, the coal plant adds 13 million tons of carbon dioxide. That is more than all cars in Sweden emmits yearly.

So - by just stop using what we do not really use, we can save more carbon dioxide than all cars in Sweden produces.

This is what we mean by making a difference with simple, attractive Scandinavian design.

No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

About Counterflo

Counterflo – a flow in the opposite direction. A force against negative development. A force that strives to simplify and enhance. Often against the current.

This calls for intrepidness, energy, engagement and common sense. It demands that all us who are fighting this battle are benevolent. This goes for all working in Counterflo and all working for our partners in design, manufacturing, financing and marketing.

Counterflo was founded by an engineer and an economist who, after many years working high up in corporations and NGOs, wanted to do something real instead of just saying what has been said so many times before - "Someone should do something". Now it was time to make a difference. So they assembled a team of designers and technical developers, corporate leaders, management consultants, investors, lawyers, producers and marketeers, all with long and succesful track records in their fields.

Counterflo is now run by that team with the support of several strong organizations.

Our offer - better at work and better at home

The products Counterflo is offering can be used both at work and at home. Some are general, others are specific. But they all have in common that they are very desireable and attractive, safe, functional and of the highest technincal standard and quality.

The services provided by Counterflo in the area of organizational development and change management aim to lower the waste of resources - energy, money, human capital or something else. We address all who want to reach their targets in time, on budget and to the fully specified delivery. The secret behind achieving this is... please contact us for a meeting where we can elaborate further on this.

Vision – no one is wasting anything

We have a vision of a world without waste. It is founded on a strong belief that no one really wants to waste anything. The definition of waste is "to use more than enough". Why would anyone want to use more than enough? According to Lean, waste is "negative and the the target is to eliminate it". It doesn't take a Lean expert to agree with that.

So why is there waste if no one wants it? Because we can't see it - it happens without us knowing. This is where Counterflo comes into play. We make the invisible waste visible. Maybe with an electrical cable or a meeting with the Board of Directors. We do what is needed to stop it.


Strategy - to offer the right products to as many as possible

To progress on our path toward our vision, Counterflo is offering products and services to an attractive price that make them available to everyone. You understand the benefit immediately. All products and services that Counterflo offer will pay for themselves in less than a year. After that, it's all benefit.

Remember - no one can do everything but everyone can do something.

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